GDA advantages

Dissolve Gold Faster:

Solubilize gold 15-63% within 2 Hours.


With Less Time:

Heap leaching method saves 1/2 than traditional time.

Tank leaching method saves 2/7 than traditional time.

Carbon paste method leaching time could be as low as 6 hours.


Less Dosage:

It can save over 3/5 of the normal dosage when compared to other products.


Higher Recycling Rate: When used after a completed cyanidation process it is able to recover as much as 30-78% from the remaining waste residue. The GDA has a leaching rate of raw ore as high as 99.8% according to the last test results. 

It has the best price – quality cost relationship in the market, it is environment and human friendly and it is harmless to animals. It is easy to use, requires no special training or additional equipment.


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