Product Features

 Gold Dressing Agent  has the following characteristics:

  1. Technology more mature, large scale industrial production with increased efficiency.
  2. It is a new technology focused on environmental protection and it was created to replace cyanide in the gold extraction process, as it is safer for both humans and animals.
  3. Gold recovery rate can reach 75%-99.8%, according to the current domestic and global gold and silver ore survey date analysis, the traditional cyanidation technology of gold extraction has a lower extraction rate from gold ore with high arsenic, high sulfur and lead, copper, zinc, iron, antimony and other tailings slag in some countries such as China, Laos, Burma, Kampuchea and so on, but our new product the Gold Dressing Agent can solve this problem.
  4. Without dressing, without roasting, no heating, no pressure and other complicated pretreatment process, avoids the precious metal loss during the ore roasting, hearing, pressurizing, transport processes; saving on transportation, on equipment, on work force, on hydropower and saving on other production costs and saving production time, while improving the production efficiency.
  5. The Gold Leaching process is simple, ore crushing can be put directly into the pool or into the reactor, to dissolve the gold faster, increasing the recovery rate, and shortening the production cycle.
  6. Both gold, silver or other precious metal can be soaked simultaneously,
  7. It can be used with any type of ore, no matter if the ore grade is high or low; it is a low cost recycling extraction.
  8. Can be operated and produced directly under normal temperatures.


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