Gold Dressing Agent
Product form: it comes in a solid lump or powder, should be used after being  dissolved in clean water or warm water.
The Gold Dressing Agent is a new product that replaces sodium cyanide, suitable for any leaching process such as Heap Leaching, Tank Leaching, Carbon Leaching, etc.
In the production of gold mining industry, the product is simple to use, It is safer and easier to handle than cyanide. There is no need to invest in any other equipment, the leaching rate is higher than cyanidation, and the leaching time is shorter. it is more appropriate to mineral mining than cyanide. 

Use scope: oxide ore, primary ore, sulphide ore, tailings and all of minerals.If the ore contains high sulfur, arsenic, iron, lead, copper, zinc, carbon etc, efficiency will be increased.

Due to cyanide's environmental risks and following the recent decades increase in costs regarding environmental and human precognition of the risks of its use, the gold mining process has had its costs increased.
Following the markets needs, we have researched a new product, the Gold Dressing Agent (GDA), which is meant to better fit to the market. This new product not only decreases the gold production costs, but also increases its production rate, and its efficiency, as well as guaranteeing the safety of both the human work force and respecting governmental demands and environmental safety. A sample is usually required so that the quality of the ore is analyzed and the quality of the GDA is made to better the costumers needs.
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